Yellow and Purple Flower Bouquet

'I'm so happy to have someone supporting me with my health... this is the first time I've done something just for me. I have always been so busy looking after my children and family'.

Sara, 49.

 I want to thank you for all the support and advice that you gave me.
I was in really tough place before contacting you.

You have really helped me to gain my self confidence.
Now that our programme is over, I will try to keep up with my efforts and positivity'

Maha, 23.

I was struggling with many issues including digestive problems and hormonal imbalances, before working with Nilofar Zuberi.

Right from the initial consultation I felt at ease and understood, thanks to the comprehensive and well-rounded approach Nilofar took. Everything was always explained very clearly and backed by a lot of research and knowledge of my issues and their related factors.

I left every session with a better understanding of my own health and steps I can take to improve it. 

Each health plan I was provided with was completely personalised and very easy to incorporate into my daily life.

Meeting regularly also allowed Nilofar to continually monitor my progress and provide support throughout. 

Now, after a couple of weeks, I have already seen great improvements in my overall health and feeling of well-being!

I would definitely recommend Nilofar Nutrition to anyone looking to improve their lifestyle and wellness!

Amna, 22.

I went to Nilofar Zuberi because of digestive issues further complicated by an auto-immune condition.


After a thorough and comprehensive discussion regarding my issues, Nilofar gave a dedicated and tailored diet plan for me to follow.  


In the very first month of following the diet, I experienced a noticeable improvement in my digestive condition, demonstrating that the hard work and effort Nilofar put in to understanding my issues, were indicative of her ability to correctly identify the problem and suggest a suitable remedy.


Throughout my interaction with Nilofar, I found her to be attentive and amiable and also very knowledgeable with a broad understanding of nutritional related issues which gave me comfort that she obviously was an expert in nutrition. 

I would highly recommend Nilofar Nutrition.


Farah, 53. 

I was having digestive and skin problems, before working with Nilofar Zuberi.


I had never seen a nutritionist before so I didn’t know what to expect in my first consultation.

I can happily say that I left the first session with so much more knowledge about the causes of my problems and a very helpful and easy diet plan to follow.

Three weeks into my consultation I can already feel a difference in my energy levels and my overall digestive health.

I would highly recommend working with Nilofar because of:

* The safe and comfortable environment created 

* The thorough research conducted to uncover the causes of my problems 

* The clear explanations given to help me understand my problems better 

* The tailored diet plan which has helped me have a more positive relationship with food 


I am looking forward to my follow up sessions and seeing more progress under Nilofar Zuberi’s guidance."   


Alina, 24.