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Whether you have a chronic health condition or niggling health concerns, I can help you feel your best.

Hi, my name is Nilofar Zuberi.

As a registered nutritional therapist and health coach, I specialise in helping women in their 40's and 50's optimise their digestive health and balance their hormones, empowering them to reclaim the health and vitality they had before life became hectic. 

Through comprehensive and individualised sessions, clients receive personalised diet plans, designed to help them reach their health goals and enabling them to create lasting healthy habits. 

I believe good habits and a healthy lifestyle can make you look and feel great for the rest of your life.

Quite simply, I help women transform their health and become the best versions of themselves.

Its time to prioritise your health now.

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Do you feel constantly exhausted, fed up or stressed?


Have you found your digestive issues are becoming a daily embarrassment while struggling with what to eat?


Are you ready to ditch the diets, live the active life you once had AND fit into your favourite clothes again?


It's time now to make some positive changes!

Let me show you how you can feel energised and look fabulous while enjoying your food again.

Eat well. Live Well.

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Find out how I can help you improve your health, regain your confidence and find your glow.

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My Free Gift To You!

Delicious healthy recipes for quick and easy family meals.

As a health coach, I encourage and motivate you towards a healthier and happier version of you.

As a nutritional therapist, I support and guide you to achieve better health, increased energy and vitality, to live your life to the fullest.


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